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Website Review and Assessment

Website Review and Assessment

Website Review and Assessment

Websites should not remain static over time. Every website should undergo periodic review. Your content needs periodic review. If this does not occur it will become stale and out of date over time as your business grows, your understanding of your target audience matures, and you add to or refine your services.

Just as important (if not more so) is the security of your website. The majority of websites are hacked because various components that are required for the website to function are out of date and vulnerable to compromise. If you have not updated your website in some time or ever had any type of review performed you could be at considerable risk of having it compromised.

Questions you should have the answers to:

– Is the content on your website current in the presentation of your vision and services you offer?
– Does your website have any security measures in place?
– Has your website ever had a security review?
– Do you know if you have a backup process?
– Do you know when the last time your website was backed up?
– Are the themes, plugins, and other technology that make your website function up to date?
– Is there functionality you wish your website had?

I can review many aspects of your website and answer the questions above. I take into account current practices, technology, capabilities, and security when conducting a website review.

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