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Website Design

Website Design

Website Design

The success of your website depends on creating a website which effectively communicates your vision and your capabilities as a business to your target audience.

Web design is a collaborative process that involves the presentation of your vision. Your vision is expressed through the thoughtful content you have created which is then combined with creative input and design on how best to present that content. The basic process for creating a website is:

– Describe – what you want your website to do for you.
– Define – the “boundaries” within which your message will exist.
– Plan – what pages should contain what portions of your content and determine how the website should be structured.
– Design – choose colors, fonts, and visual style.
– Build – create the pages defined earlier using the design choices and your content.
– Test – as pages are created these are reviewed for content accuracy and overall appearance.
– Launch – this is where the fun is! Your website is now live and accessible!
– Maintain – this falls into other services, but websites need regular care and feeding.

I can provide the necessary creative and design that will allow us to build a website that will communicate what you want communicated to your target audience.  I can also coach you through creating the content and provide feedback where necessary.

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