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Troubleshoot Websites That are Hacked or Broken

Troubleshoot Websites

Troubleshoot Hacked or Broken Websites

There are many potential things that can occur which may result in a broken website or some function not behaving correctly. An update may have caused conflicts that broke all or portions of your website. An outdated theme or plugin may have provided an opening for your website to get hacked.

Some of the ways websites can be hacked or broken are:

– An update to a theme or plugin can cause issues with the site.
– An outdated theme or plugin can have vulnerabilities that make them vulnerable to hacking.
– You may have been trying to make simple changes and something went wrong (it happens).
– A new plugin that is installed may cause issues with another plugin breaking parts, or all, of the site.
– Something may have gone wrong which corrupted elements of your website.

Regardless of the cause, I can troubleshoot your malfunctioning website and resolve these issues for you. In the process I will review your website after it is repaired and, with your input, take the necessary steps to prevent it from happening again.

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