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Recommend Website Changes

Recommend Website Changes

Recommend Website Changes

With insights gathered from my review, I will recommend website changes that are prioritized in order of importance. I take into account the existing technology in use, the current configuration, and the design of your website and will make recommendations based on current technology, best practices, and design philosophy.

I will also call attention to areas of need that may not have been at the forefront of your mind, but which may warrant further attention. There are many areas that may need attention, including, but not limited, to:

– Updating the theme and various plugins used on the website.
– Replacing the theme or some of the plugins if they are no longer being updated by the developer.
– Adding additional functionality that you don’t have, or that might not have been available when your website was built.
– Adding and configuring security measures or perhaps better configuring existing ones.
– Adding and configuring backup capabilities.
– Suggest changing fonts to a more modern font.
– Changing colors to better meet web accessibility guidelines.
– Changing website terms and conditions.

I will work with you based on the findings in my review and together we can create a plan of action that you can be sure will address any issues you may currently have, or could potentially have, with your website.

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