Cold Spring Consulting



Cold Spring Consulting focuses on small businesses.

We are dedicated to moving the vision you have for your business
into the online world by providing services to assist you.

Don't Do It All Yourself!

Your business has numerous things competing for your attention.

Your time is irreplaceable and is better spent working on those things you know.

Cold Spring Consulting can do the work you don’t have the time for.

We Speak Web

You have your area of expertise, areas that you know well and that you have a passion for.

We have our areas of expertise and passion. Let us use our many years of background and knowledge in web design and online technologies to make your vision come to fruition and stand out from the crowd.

You may wonder why the name of Cold Spring Consulting and the images of waterfalls and such. I find streams and waterfalls refreshing and it seemed a fitting theme to use which also represents one of my goals. Not to sound cheesy, but I strive to provide an experience and result that is refreshing to my clients.